Universal Mandatory HIV Screening Could Help To Stop The Spread of HIV

Socialization of medicine may have its place when specific diseases like AIDS or Cancer are targeted for irradiation

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - Politicians are fixated on massive, economy-busting health care programs that are doomed to fail when it may be more effective to take a more focused approach and attempt to socialize certain aspects of medicine one at a time, phasing-in health care for all over years or decades. Instead of bickering over who is the rightful owner of the Truvada patent or whether or not the Gilead Sciences/US government free Truvada giveaway program is adequate or not to wipe out HIV, greater emphasis needs to be placed on HIV testing and education for middle and high school young adults especially in minority communities where gay black and Latino young men and women currently account for the greatest rate of HIV transmission. This initiative could include the mandatory testing and reporting program and start the ball rolling toward actually convincing this high-risk HIV transmission demographic to take the drug. Truvada kidney failure attorneys representing individuals and families in the United States offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Researchers at the University of San Diego are focusing their studies on out-of-care HIV positive individuals that account for most of the spread of HIV, and have concluded that reconnecting with these individuals should be a part of the Stop HIV initiative. According to ContagionLive.com, "Study authors pointed out that out-of-care HIV positive individuals now account for 61.3% of HIV transmissions in the United States, making reestablishing treatment an important measure in curbing the epidemic." The study lists some of the features of Universal HIV testing, the core benefits of which include, "helping to identify transmission among individuals who might not seek testing, such as young black or Latino men with heterosexual risk, or those in rural areas with economic barriers preventing them from regularly seeing a primary care physician." A movement is afoot to implement mandatory HIV testing within a larger program of preventing the spread of HIV and wiping out the virus over the next decade.

The media tends to overlook the obvious when it comes to seeking solutions to very big health issues. A perfect example is the many benefits to simply using condoms instead of being fixated on Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine) for homo-sexually active men and women. Young adults value keeping their sexual preferences private at this stage in life and do not practice safer sex like taking Truvada because it would essentially "out" them. Condoms and Truvada need to be dispensed at the middle and high school level without the need for parental consent.

Simply throwing Truvada at the general population is not an intelligent nor effective strategy to stop the spread of deadly sexually transmitted diseases. No amount of pills will convince high-risk HIV transmission groups like black and Latino gay men and women to "come out" and announce to their parents that they are HIV positive. Truvada is 99% effective in preventing the spread of HIV but it must be taken daily and used in combination with other safe-sex practices like using condoms and engaging in monogamous relationships to be that effective.

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