Truvada's High Price Has Spurred Generic Competition

AIDS patients are enjoying several developments in 2020 that made managing their disease easier and less costly

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 2020 has been full of exciting news for AIDS patients and also for HIV negative individuals in a relationship with an HIV positive partner. Truvada's $1800 per month price tag and related monthly medical examination costs were thought to be a necessary evil and those without adequate health insurance were out of the market. That was until January of this year when the first bottles of free Truvada were made available to the AIDS community as part of a US government program to eliminate AIDS within a decade. Truvada is normally taken by HIV positive patients to slow the progression of AIDS symptoms. Those with AIDS that take Truvada report being able to lead relatively normal, healthy, productive lives except for those who develop Truvada's side effects of loss of bone strength leading to breakages and kidney problems that land many on kidney dialysis or require a kidney transplant. Truvada patients were not warned of these side effects by Gilead Sciences, the maker of Truvada, and suffered personal injuries as a result. Hundreds of AIDS patients have filed lawsuits against the company claiming that the company had an obligation to know and to advise them of the drug's life-threatening side effects. Truvada Bone Kidney damage attorneys may represent you on a contingency basis and help you file a claim against the company for lump-sum damages.

Another significant development in 2020 that directly affects AIDS patients was when the nation's largest health insurance provider, United Health Care, stopped covering Truvada's replacement drug Descovy and instead insisted policyholders buy inexpensive generic alternatives. Gilead was hoping to prevent generic competition from entering the market by switching patients from Truvada to Descovy and telling them that it was just as effective yet carried fewer side effects. The trouble is, however, that Descovy has been available for several years and Gilead waited until now to offer the safer alternative causing many to develop the side effects mentioned above unnecessarily.

The third and perhaps most significant development in the field of AIDS management this year is the new injectable form of AIDS drugs that can be taken just once per month. The convenience of getting a shot once per month frees AIDS patients from having to remember to take Truvada every day, a regimen that is crucial if Truvada is to be effective. Truvada builds up in the blood and if one or two days dosage is missed, the virus may intensify accordingly. It is not possible to double or triple the daily dosage to make up for missing a day. That's why a monthly drug is so appealing. Another reason to root for the injectible is that it brings the family physician back into the picture as they will be able to better control their patient's health. Doctors previously hesitated to prescribe Truvada not only for the drug's adverse side effects but also for fear their patients would not take it religiously. Now all an AIDS patient needs to remember is to schedule and attend their monthly doctor's office checkup.

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