Truvada May Cause More Health Problems Than It Helps

Controversy surrounds HIV drug Truvada from gay activists, physicians, and Gilead's allegedly underhanded marketing tactics

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - When it comes to recognizing and admitting the truth about the potential side effects of Truvada causing osteoporosis and kidney damage, the company that manufactures the drug, political activists, and science seems to have difficulty lining up. On the one hand, gay rights activists want every possible HIV infected person to take Truvada to arrest the progression of AIDs and also want the HIV-free partner of homosexual couples that fear the transmission of the disease from one person to another to take the pill daily as a prophylactic measure. Last year, LGBTQ activist groups successfully lobbied Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to limit or remove attorney advertising looking to alert people that Truvada has allegedly caused bone density issues including fractures and caused kidney damage that has required treatment by dialysis and eventual kidney transplant, their logic being that the benefits of Truvada outweigh the risks and that the ads were scaring people away from taking the drug. Truvada is believed to be 99% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV when taken daily as directed. Failing to take Truvada every day, however, reduces its effectiveness dramatically. Consult a Truvada attorneys for a free consultation with no obligation. You may qualify to file a claim if you are suffering from the drug's side effects such as brittle, broken bones and kidney failure.

The science of taking Truvada leads users to believe that they can have unprotected sex without having to risk contracting HIV from their sexual partner, however, the instructions in using Truvada insist that the patient engage only in a one on one relationship and always wear a condom. A monogamous relationship is impractical in most cases and wearing a condom sort of defeats the purpose of taking Truvada in the first place as a condom itself is highly effective in preventing HIV transmission. Most doctors fail to prescribe Truvada to their homosexual patients looking to control HIV transmission for fear that to do so would be granting the patient a license to have unprotected sex leaving them open to contracting many other deadly sexually transmitted infections like Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

Finally, Truvada maker Gilead Science may have known for at least the last decade that reports were being made that HIV positive Truvada users were suffering unusual bone breakages and kidney failure and the company had another drug, Descovy, thought to be milder and safer, in their back pocket. According to NBC News "Descovy was approved in October 2019 after it was shown to be less toxic to the kidneys and bones." Truvada is a $3 billion per year cash cow for Gilead, and instead of offering Descovy when it became available, Gilead implemented a marketing scheme to give away 2 million bottles of Truvada per year for free for pre-exposure prophylactic purposes. Only now that Truvada's patent protection is expiring is the company transitioning Truvada users to Descovy in a move that appears intended to maintain their market dominance and keep low-cost generic competition off of the market.

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