Truvada Lawsuits Could Deter People From Taking The Drug For PrEP

Confusion abounds when it comes to taking PrEP drugs as people claim to have suffered osteoporosis and kidney damage from taking the drug to manage the progression of AIDS

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - Activists in the LGBTQ community were successful late last year in lobbying Facebook to remove attorney advertising fearing that the lawyers were exaggerating claims that anti-HIV drug Truvada and other TDF drugs could cause serious side effects such as bone density weakening and kidney failure that could require a kidney transplant. Activists appear to think that it is better to ignore the very real possibilities of physical harm to a patient from taking Truvada than to address the threats that appear to be very real. Lawyers disagree and have brought a civil action for damages against Gilead Sciences Inc., on behalf of 86 plaintiffs that claim that they have experienced severe physical harm from taking Truvada and other TDF drugs. TDF stands for tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and is best known by its brand name Truvada.

The complaint is not a class-action and represents 86 distinct plaintiffs, all of whom allege that sustained serious injury as a result of taking manufactured and marketed by Gilead, including anti-HIV drug Truvada. It should be noted that the lawsuits are on behalf of HIV-positive individuals and not people who use Truvada for pre-exposure prophylactic purposes (PrEP). Truvada is believed by experts in the field to be 90-99% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV but only when used as directed which included using a condom and remaining in a monogamous relationship. Truvada lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys with vast experience at handling big pharma litigations and offer a free no obligation and free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

The lawsuit claims that to maximize profits, Gilead took the chemical compound Tenofovir that the company "knew was toxic to patients' kidneys and bones" and reconfigured it so that a patient could take it orally, however, "a high dose of 300 mg is typically required to achieve the desired therapeutic effect," according to the brief. In addition to knowing that Tenofovir (TDF) carried severe side effects, "Gilead also knew that the relatively high dose of TDF created a greater risk of toxic effects, and that bone and kidney toxicities were even more likely to be seen with long term use of TDF for the treatment of a virus that, for the foreseeable future, has no cure." according to the complaint. The lawsuit further alleges that "Plaintiff has endured and will continue to endure pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of his injuries, has suffered lost earnings and/or a loss of earning capacity, and other injuries and damages to be proven at trial."

While lawsuits are adjudicated in the courts, gay rights activists, doctors the public are either promoting, denying, or questioning whether or not PrEP drugs represent the right choice to fight the spread of HIV. LGBTQ groups are adamant that the benefits of taking Truvada for PreP far outweigh the risks that they claim are small and insignificant. Family doctors, however, are apprehensive to simply prescribe PrEP for anyone who wants it because not only does the drug have serious side effects, to do so is like giving people a license to have unprotected promiscuous sex and possibly spread other sexually transmitted diseases.

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