Truvada is Not a Substitute For Using a Condom

Doctors fear that promoting Truvada may increase unsafe sex practices leading to the spread of other diseases

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - Why is it that people are so intent on promoting the use of anti-HIV PrEP drugs like Gilead's Truvada that they are not only willing to accept the drug's potential side effects, but also insist that others are kept in the dark. LGBTQ activists have complained vehemently to the owner of Facebook and Instagram that personal injury attorneys have crossed the line when looking for clients that have developed osteoporosis or kidney failure from taking Truvada. Activists think that people who are taking Truvada may stop taking the drug or those that need the drug will be discouraged by the ads that they say are false and misleading. At the core of the accusations against the lawyers is the fact that although Truvada has been proven to cause the two side effects listed above in people that were previously HIV positive and used the drug to manage the symptoms of the disease, little research exists that proves that those same symptoms will occur if the drug is used pre-exposure, as PrEP drugs are intended. Truvada lawsuits representing Americans nationwide, offer a free consultation and no obligation to file a claim.

Yes, Truvada is 90% effective in blocking the transmission of HIV from one sexual partner to another, however, using condoms are just as effective and cost pennies. A high percentage of general practitioner physicians refuse to prescribe Truvada because they think that prescribing Truvada is like granting homosexuals a license to have unprotected sex. Truvada is only 90% effective if used in conjunction with other safe sex practices like wearing a condom and limiting one's sexual activity to being in a monogamous relationship. Also, Truvada must be taken every day to be that effective. Miss a day and the effectiveness drops off. Miss a week and you are in real trouble. Take the drug 2 or three times per week and you are wasting your time as the chemicals need to build up within your cells to be effective.

The activists do have a point as it can be assumed that HIV positive people already have a compromised immune system and the drug's toxicity could exacerbate a pre-existing kidney condition. Gilead Sciences agrees, that Truvada is generally safe, but is taking no chances and does not differentiate between the two groups in the drug warning published on the home page. Go there and read it for yourself. writes on their homepage for all to see: "You must continue to use safer sex practices. Just taking TRUVADA for PrEP may not keep you from getting HIV-1. Do not miss any doses of TRUVADA. Missing doses may increase your risk of getting HIV-1 infection. Practice safer sex by using latex or polyurethane condoms to lower the chance of sexual contact with body fluids."

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to Gilead Science for failing to properly warn the public about the risks of taking the drug. The first was issued March 14, 2002, admonishing the company for verbal statements claiming the drug was not toxic and did not pose a risk of kidney failure in spite of the well-documented clinical research written on the drug's warning label.

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