Truvada is An Essential Drug For People Living With AIDS

Under no circumstance should a person who relies on Truvada stop taking it, even for a day

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Friday, April 2, 2021 - People living with AIDS (PLWA ) have unique medical needs, but now have the hope of living long, active, and productive lives. Many PLWA need Truvada to manage their disease and rely on taking the drug daily. Truvada is the drug of choice for people living with AIDS and is an integral part of an antiretroviral cocktail of drugs. WebMD estimates that without taking the drug, there is little hope of long-term survival. "People with AIDS who don't take medication only live about three years, even less if they get a dangerous infection," according to the website. There is hope. AIDS can be managed at virtually any stage and arrested at that point when a person starts taking Truvada daily. WebMD says that with medical treatment, a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle, people living with AIDS can enjoy as long a life as anyone. Truvada national attorneys are ready to give advice and offer a free consultation with no obligation to file a lawsuit claim.

Interestingly, one of the problems that people living with AIDS have is living too long and developing another deadly condition like heart disease or diabetes. Unlike AIDS which is now manageable, people with heart disease or diabetes have a reduced life expectancy. "On average, 50-year-old men with diabetes: Have a life expectancy of 21.3 years -- 7.5 years less than other men. Develop heart disease in 14.2 years -- 7.8 years sooner than other men. Live with heart disease for 7.1 years -- slightly longer than other men due to younger age at onset," according to WebMD. There is a probability that the longer one lives without addressing a healthy diet and lifestyle, the greater the chance they will have to deal with one of these other deadly diseases.

PLWA should know that Truvada, as essential as it is to take it every day without fail, can have some unintended side effects. AIDS patients that were not informed in advance have filed lawsuits against Gilead Sciences, the maker of the drug for not warning them of the risk of bone breakage and kidney failure. Gilead is accused of negligently keeping another drug called Descovy off the market to maximize Truvada's profits. Descovy is just as effective yet safer than Truvada as it has to be taken less often to work. Both drugs must build up in the blood to be effective. Missing a dose causes the virus to regain strength. Discontinuing taking the antiretroviral cocktail or frequently missing a dose is tantamount to a death sentence. Gilead is also being held accountable for manipulating their patent and forcing low-cost generic competition from entering the market by granting a one-year exclusive right to sell generic Truvada to Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical. Teva is charging almost as much as the $1800 per month price tag of Truvada. In response to Gilead's price manipulation, US Health Care will not cover the price of Descovy and only cover the low-cost generics.

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