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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - The Center For Disease Control (CDC) has been at the forefront of providing the most up to date and accurate information regarding HIV and its prevention. The CDC recognizes pre-exposure prophylactic drugs such as Truvada, made from a combination of tenofovir and emtricitabine as being the most effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Truvada is said to be effective 95-99% of the time when taken daily as directed and used in conjunction with other safe sex practices such as using a condom and having a monogamous relationship. PrEP drugs must be taken every day to be effective. PrEP also prevents the spread of HIV for intervenous drug users by 75%. Individuals seeking Truvada must first test negative for HIV before being allowed to purchase the drug. Truvada should be taken by individuals that are HIV negative and in a relationship with an HIV positive partner. Truvada lawyers have vast experience and long track record in winning cases against multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates and achieving justice on behalf of American families harmed by negligence and corporate greed.

PrEP is administered in pill form taken daily and is not considered a vaccine. While vaccines teach your body's immune system how to fight off disease, Truvada builds up in the bloodstream and prevents HIV from taking hold and spreading. This bloodstream accumulation of the drug is why it is so important to take the Truvada daily. If not, there could be an insufficient amount in the blood to block the virus. In addition to those in a monogamous relationship people that anticipate having sex with sexual partners of unknown HIV status should also take Truvada. Gay men and women should use Truvada. According to the CDC, straight men and women should also consider taking Truvada under the following circumstances. "heterosexual man or woman who does not regularly use condoms during sex with partners of unknown HIV status who are at substantial risk of HIV infection (for example, people who inject drugs or women who have bisexual male partners)."

Even with the outstanding results that Truvada and PrEP drugs have achieved, there is a downside to promoting the drug to every possible patient group. The most obvious is that individuals may become overconfident in the drug's HIV prevention ability and forget to use a condom when engaging in anal sex or intercourse. Experts fear that Truvada may lead to an increase in other sexually transmitted diseases such as Syphilis and Chlamydia. People taking Truvada are subject to a time consuming and expensive medical checkups every time they receive the drug.

According to the CDC, Truvada is a relatively safe drug with side effects that are certainly less life-threatening than contracting HIV. Truvada, however, is linked to serious side effects according to the website. Serious side effects of Truvada may also include: "Kidney problems, including kidney failure, too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis), which is a serious but rare medical emergency that can lead to death. Severe liver problems, which in rare cases can lead to death. Bone problems, including bone pain, softening, or thinning, which may lead to fractures."

Scientists fear that the long-term use of Truvada could cause irreversible side effects including osteoporosis, however, little is known to date.

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