Truvada Drug Giveaway May Be Off The Mark And Miss The Most Sexually-Active Group

One particular demographic of HIV positive individuals have escaped the recognition of the Center for Disease Control

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Monday, June 17, 2019 - Government officials and HIV prevention activists are excited about the prospect of getting Truvada anti-HIV drug into the hands of hundreds of thousands of Americans, the sexual partners of HIV positive individuals, and taking a shot at eliminating AIDS once and for all. Gilead Pharmaceuticals. the maker of Truvada and the US government have partnered to make around 100,000 dosages of Truvada available per year over the next 10-15 years in an attempt to contain the disease. The Center for Disease Control has targeted low-income and uninsured individuals in inner-city locations to begin receiving the drug for free. Truvada is essentially inaccessible to this particular demographic as the cost of Truvada is a prohibitive $1500 per month or around $20,000 per year for the one-per-day dosage. This is in comparison to third world countries where Truvada generic alternatives can be obtained without a prescription and for as little as $60 per year. Truvada lawsuits represented by national attorneys achieving justice on behalf of American families harmed by negligence and corporate greed offer a free consultation and no obligation before filing a claim.

Congress is currently battling with Truvada executives and is proposing a full government takeover of the drug's patent in order to make Truvada immediately available to everyone who needs it. Congresswoman Ortiz and others in Congress are of the opinion that the government rightfully owns the patent for tenofovir and that the current distribution roll-out plan is a death sentence since it excludes 90% of poorer aids patients.

Like any government program, central planning on a scale this large is bound to be fraught with complication and oversights. Rather than get into each potential failure of the program we can focus on the single aspect of the drug giveaway that is bound to ensure that the Truvada government giveaway may be doomed to fail.

According to the in-depth statistical research provided by Stat, the one single demographic of individuals that are most at risk of having and spreading the HIV virus is the same as the one that is currently being ignored by existing government programs and also likely to be ignored by the current effort. "Gay and bisexual teen boys are disproportionately affected by HIV, accounting for almost two-thirds of new infections among adolescents." Younger, gay, bi-sexual, black and Latino men report over three quarters of the new cases of HIV every year and " 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men are expected to become HIV positive in their lifetimes." In typical governmental and bureaucratic fashion, the CDC does not even recognize this group as being the group most likely to need aids prevention programs. Gay and bisexual teen boys are completely ignored by the federal government's existing HIV programs. HIV experts from Northwestern University think that the one a day Truvada treatment targeted at this group of gay men could have a huge impact on wiping out the disease. The biggest hurdle, however that a government program faces is getting this particular demographic to actually take the pill as 99% of teenagers do not take the HIV epidemic seriously and most are unaware that the disease even exists.

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