Truvada Bone Breakage Lawyers Were Right To Advertise

Truvada is prohibitively expensive and inconvenient to remember to take, as well as dangerous to one's long-term health

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Monday, March 1, 2021 - It has been about one year since prominent LGBTQ activist groups began opposing lawyers who warned Truvada patients of the drug's deadly side effects. Gay activists lobbied social media sites Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to remove advertising that highlighted the health dangers reported by patients taking the drug. Truvada bone fracture and kidney failure lawyers were forced off social media by the gay rights activists who declared that Truvada was not only 99% effective but also safe to use. The activists have been proven wrong on the safety claims as studies since then have linked the anti-Aids medication patients having an increased chance of vertebrae and hip fractures, two other large bone masses in the body. Tibia and Fibula fractures have also been reported by individuals that have taken the drug daily for many years. Also, scientists now think that women who have taken Truvada while also taking Depo Provera may suffer more than double the bone density loss as those who are not taking the AIDS drug. Truvada bone fracture lawyers continue to interview prospective plaintiffs injured by the negligence of Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the drug. If you or a loved one have been taking Truvada every day for many years and have experienced painful bone fractures or kidney damage you may qualify to file a claim against Gilead.

All the while, the gay activist's push back on Truvada Bone Fracture lawyer advertising was in the focus of the media, a new and potentially more effective AIDS drug was being developed, one that could be injected by a doctor only once per month, and not require a patient to remember to take their Truvada pill daily. Truvada patients will soon have an alternative injectable form of antiretroviral to select that takes the risks out of taking Truvada. Cabenuva is injected once per month via a two-shot dosage. Besides Truvada's bone breakage and kidney damage side effects, AIDS patients must remember to take the drug every day, or the disease would progress. No amount of Truvada the next day will make up for the damage to one's health that missing a day would bring. With Cabenuva, all that one must remember is to show up once per month at the doctor's office for a one-half hour visit, as easy as picking up the dry cleaning or going to the market.

As earth-shattering as the news of a new injectable Truvada replacement therapy was, people living with AIDS were equally disappointed when generic Truvada drugs came to market early in 2020 at nearly the same unaffordable price as Truvada, around $1800 per month for a daily dosage. Truvada kept quiet about a deal they negotiated to sell the rights to sell generic Truvada before the patent expires in September of 2021 to Truvada to Teva Pharmaceuticals, an Israeli company. Look for more generic Truvada competition to make their way to the US market then.

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