Truvada Being Tested as Possible Therapy For Covid19

Doctors are shocked at the low number of HIV positive Truvada patients that have contracted the Coronavirus

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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - It seems as if every person that has an underlying health problem should be particularly careful nowadays not to become infected with the potentially deadly COVID-19 virus. Individuals that are taking any immunosuppressant drug or have a condition that negatively affects the immune system need to take special care. Those in the LGBTQ community are thought to be at a higher than average risk of becoming infected with the virus. Millions of homosexual men are taking Truvada every day to suppress the advancement of the virus that causes AIDs and some question if that puts them in a greater risk category for COVID19. Others are asking if Truvada can do to the Coronavirus what it does for HIV and also if Gilead, the maker of Truvada has another trick up their sleeve to possibly modify Truvada to be a pre-exposure prophylactic drug to prevent the current pandemic disease from being transmitted. Tests underway examine if the company may not even have to. Truvada lawsuits are handled by top national attorneys and offer a free consultation with no obligation to file a claim.

According to, Jose Arribas, MD, research director of HIV and infectious diseases at La Paz Hospital in Madrid is surprised at how few people that come in for their usual checkup and Truvada prescription are infected with the Coronavirus. The doctor pointed out how noteworthy that was given the fact that HIV positive patients have a compromised immune system and overall health profile similar to an older person, one thought to be in the COVID19 crosshairs. Truvada is being lobbied to be given to health care workers in hospitals with the highest chance of contracting the virus given Truvada's "affecting the immune system's activity and thus lower(ing) its inflammatory response," according to POZ. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is conducting a clinical trial to see if Truvada will work to prevent the spread of COVID19. 4,000 random participants will be separated into four groups and each given a different single-dose combination drug therapy. Group #1 will receive Truvada + placebo of hydroxychloroquine. Group #2 gets Hydroxychloroquine + a placebo of Truvada. Group three, Truvada + hydroxychloroquine, and the final group gets a placebo of Truvada + a placebo of hydroxychloroquine, according to POZ.

As interesting and tempting it is to view Truvada as a potential solution for stopping the spread of Coronavirus, one should be informed that HIV positive individuals taking Truvada have filed suit against Gilead, the maker of Truvada, for failing to warn them of the severe side effects Truvada allegedly caused. At the top of the list for Truvada patients that have filed lawsuits are bone density loss and kidney disease, and other potentially deadly side effects when used by HIV positive individuals. Truvada now warns of severe side effects that users must be made aware of including that the drug may worsen hepatitis B (HBV) infections, kidney damage, and also cause lactic acidosis resulting in severe liver problems. These side effects and more were singled out as being overstated by lawyers advertising on social media for new clients recently even though the list of conditions and verbiage comes directly from themselves.

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