Truvada Attorney Advertisements May Be Scaring Patients Away From Taking Truvada

Some Facebook print advertising may have crossed the line by attorneys looking for clients that have been injured by Truvada's side effects

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Friday, January 24, 2020 - Activists in the gay and lesbian community are up in arms and have demanded that social media giant Facebook remove ads placed by personal injury attorneys. The community leaders feel that the ads are inflammatory and overstate the side effects that anti-HIV medication Truvada carries. More than 50 LGBTQ activists demanded that Facebook and Instagram remove the attorney advertising and after careful consideration, some ads have been deleted retroactively. The ads in question fail to differentiate between the side effects that Truvada carries when used to mitigate AIDS symptoms and those that use the drug for prophylactic measures. According to The, "On Dec. 30, Facebook said it disabled some of the ads after more than 50 LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS groups signed an open letter to Facebook condemning them for scaring away at-risk HIV negative people from the leading drug that blocks HIV infections." The leaders were concerned that the lawyer ads took on the look of "Fake News" and that the ads made the side effects look much worse than they were. Authors at The Conversation compared the lawyers' ads to life insurance sales videos that disguise a sales pitch as a public service announcement or a legitimate news program, (as if any still exist.)

In spite of Facebook blocking the ads, Truvada lawyers continue to solicit business from those who have been injured by taking Truvada regardless of their intentions or need for the drug. Truvada attorney websites pull no punches in accusing Gilead Sciences of wrongdoing for failing to warn patients of the drug's life-threatening side effects. One attorney writes "Truvada is a medication used in conjunction with other drugs to control human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Truvada has been linked to serious side effects including kidney failure, lactic acidosis, and bone fractures. Patients who experienced adverse health events after taking Truvada have begun to file lawsuits against the drug manufacturer." Another writes "Gilead knew of the risks involved and failed to bring a safer, alternative drug to market, and people have suffered from serious side effects as a result. We want to hold Gilead accountable for their negligence in a Truvada lawsuit." A third attorney writes: "f you are facing debilitating side effects from the HIV drug Truvada, such as renal impairment, fractures, bone density loss, or kidney failure, a skilled Truvada lawyer could help you seek the justice that you deserve. Truvada was designed to control the spread of HIV but has now been associated with the development of serious bone and kidney complications."

When all is said and done, anyone who is currently taking Truvada or is looking to get the drug for the first time for PrEP should visit and read what Gilead Science now says about the drugs propensity to cause bone density loss and kidney failure, then decide for yourself if the risks are worth the rewards.

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