Truvada and Descovy Have Formiddible New Competition From Injectable Cabotegravir

A new injectable drug may be the answer to helping HIV positive individuals and also those looking to prevent HIV from spreading

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - For a drug to be practical, the medical community must get behind it and write prescriptions, something that family practitioners have been hesitant to do with Truvada. While Truvada has proven to help AIDS patients manage their condition and stop or slow the disease's progression, it must be taken daily to be effective. Doctors in general, more than 90% by one study, think that prescribing Truvada/Descovy will make people think they are invincible and fear that patients may not take the drug as directed. Failing to take Truvada/Descovy for a few days here or there could have devastating consequences to an AIDS patient's life and lead to the disease progressing. Family doctors also have failed to prescribe Truvada to their healthy patients for fear that they may forget to take it occasionally and develop a false sense of security. Whether one is looking for Truvada to manage AIDS symptoms and arrest the disease's progression or use it as a sexual prophylactic measure, the drug must be taken every day to be effective. Miss a few days and your odds your disease progressing or of spreading HIV increase 50% or more. Truvada attorneys representing families and individuals nationwide offer a free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

The solution, however, that could prompt physicians to get on board with more aggressive AIDS treatment may lie in a new injectable form of HIV drug and as a kicker, the drug may even be more effective than Truvada or Descovy. Glaxo Smith Kline has come up with Injectable Cabotegravir that is administered once every two months and is 66% more effective than Truvada or Descovy. Because Cabotegravir must be injected by the patient's doctor, the physician can exercise more control over their health and create new practices based on AIDS testing and treatment, a tremendously exciting possibility. It would be hard to imagine a more positive development in the healthcare community than physicians practicing mandatory HIV testing, prescribing and injecting AIDS medication, and following up with the patient to track their health and repeat the injection every two months. This would take the responsibility of taking a pill every day out of the patient's hands and replace it with merely remembering a bi-monthly doctor's appointment.

HIV positive individuals and their health sexual partners may have been frightened to seek Truvada/Descovy in recent months, not so much by the health pandemic, but by attorney advertisement alerting the public to Truvada's severe side effects. LGBTQ and other health activist groups have petitioned social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ban attorney advertisements that they think are false and inflammatory. To date, Facebook has pulled some of the ads but not all. At issue is the ads that drew attention to Truvada's unwanted side effect of causing bone density weakening and kidney disease. HIV positive patient that have taken Truvada report bone breakage or have had to have kidney dialysis or outright kidney transplants, and have filed claims against GSK for failing to warn them of the potential for Truvada to cause damage to their health.

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