The First Generic Version of Truvada is For Sale

The first generic version of HIV management drug Truvada has hit the market but is not making the big price splash that AIDS activists had hoped

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Thursday, October 8, 2020 - Teva pharmaceuticals, the only other company currently in the market, began offering a generic version of Truvada for $1445 per month, which is only about $400 per month less than Truvada's $1800 per month price tag. Truvada also costs an additional three to five hundred dollars per month in mandatory doctor visits. The price of Truvada generic alternatives could fall as more and more generic drugs become available over the next 12 months. According to POZ, "Historically, when there is only one generic manufacturer in the field, the price difference is a minuscule 10% to 15%, Tim Horn, the director of medication access and pricing at NASTAD told POZ. The real savings for all purchasers and payers will not begin until there is robust generic competition." Truvada broken bones attorneys offer a no obligation, free consultation to families and individuals harmed from Truvada side effects.

Gilead Sciences, the maker of Truvada, has been criticized for charging HIV positive patients over $20,000 per year for the AIDS maintenance drug. Truvada also has reportedly caused bone density issues like bone breakage and kidney failure that could require dialysis or transplant, and ketoacidosis, a dangerous acidic condition of the blood that could lead to death.

Gilead Sciences has been allegedly withholding information about what it knew about the dangerous side effects of Truvada until its own full-price alternative drug Descovy was FDA approved. The company failed to offer a Truvada alternative called Descovy, which is as effective us Truvada but carries fewer side effects. Truvada's patent has expired, and the company intends to make a seamless switch from it to Descovy. That was, however, until global health insurance leader United Health Care came out last month saying they would not cover the cost of Descovy once a less expensive generic alternative was available. Gilead Sciences hope to make up for the loss of US sales by transitioning to the market in China, where Truvada was recently approved for prophylactic HIV transmission prevention.

Truvada and Descovy in any shape or generic form, may not be around long as injectable forms of the drug make their way through testing, the approval process, and to market. Truvada has always been criticized by physicians that are reluctant to put their patients on a drug that must be taken daily to be effective. Truvada builds up in the bloodstream to levels that block certain proteins the AIDS virus needs to grow, but if you forget a day or two, the virus is off and running again. Canada is making Cabenuva and Vocabria available for viral suppression and to be taken 12 times per year. Now all that HIV positive individuals need to remember is a monthly doctor appointment rather than rely on taking a daily Truvada pill.

Truvada users that have experienced broken bones or kidney problems have hired Truvada Bone Loss lawyers to help them file a claim against Gilead seeking reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related monetary damages.

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