The cost of free Truvada may be prohibitively expensive

Those that receive free Truvada and those covered by health insurance will be forced to participate in a $400 per month follow up medical program

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - The word is getting out that the Trump administration has cut a deal with Gilead Scientific to make over 2 million bottles of the anti-HIV drug available each year for the next decade to those without the means to afford the drug and to those that do not have insurance coverage. Truvada is to be taken daily by non-HIV positive individuals that expect to engage in a physical relationship with someone who has or might have HIV. The drug has proven to be effective in stopping the transmission of the disease. Without the free giveaway, people needing the drug would have to pay up to $1500 per month for the drug alone. Truvada has proven to be 99% effective when taken as directed and in conjunction with using a condom. The Truvada free giveaway seems like it is too good to be true and like most things in life, unfortunately, it is.

Even if a person is lucky enough to receive free Truvada, there are other medical costs that they could be responsible for. Truvada will only be given to those who test negative for HIV and those participating in the giveaway will continue to pay for those tests along with follow-up doctor visits. Some people taking Truvada and are currently covered by insurance have had to discontinue treatments because they could not afford the $400 per month for quarterly lab tests and doctor visits required as part of the prevention regimen they must go through. It is assumed that the Trump/Gilead giveaway does nothing to address this issue. Truvada osteoporosis lawyers have seen the aftereffects of numerous drug recalls, and have won significant compensation for clients and offer a free consultation with no obligation to file a claim.

It may be more productive to focus on the quality of the Truvada HIV prevention giveaway than merely the quantity as there will continue to be people in high-risk groups that are unaware of the serious nature of unprotected gay sex. There is no indication that the government program will focus on educating teenage black and Latino black gay men, the one demographic where the HIV epidemic continues to spread the fastest. Focusing a portion of dollars on educational programs for this mostly inner-city demographic could go a long way to ending the HIV epidemic.

Those who can not afford even the free Truvada giveaway hope the government quickly takes notice and absorbs the cost of the initial HIV tests and follow ups doctor visits. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made it easier to get Truvada by eliminating the previously required Risk Evaluation Management (REM) program for those receiving Truvada. The FDA will continue to require that physicians and patients complete a questionnaire to ensure both parties are aware of side effects Truvada carries including the potential for bone loss as well as renal and kidney failure. The REM program provided patients with additional safety information beyond what was required on the drug's warning label.

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