Studies Link Truvada To Vertebrae And Hip Fractures

There are many benefits to taking Truvada, but there can be severe side effects

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - A recent study published in the January edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes seems to acknowledge the link between AIDS patients that take Truvada ART [antiretroviral therapy], and an increased risk of inexplainable bone fractures. writes," Overall, the authors believe their findings should lead to changes in guidelines for the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of bone deficiencies in people with HIV. "We recommend acknowledging HIV and ART [antiretroviral therapy] as established risk factors for osteoporosis." Interestingly, the study looked at 42 published papers that studied men age 36 to 57, according to AM, and found the following correlations. "In twelve studies, the prevalence of vertebrae fracture was 22%. Results showed that individuals with HIV were approximately 50% more likely to experience any fragility fracture () and had a more than fourfold increase in the risk of a hip fracture ()." Truvada lawsuit attorneys are experienced attorneys with a winning track record litigating against big pharma and corporations and offer a free consultation.

Truvada sales generated over three billion dollars in revenue for Gilead Sciences in 2019, making it the second best-selling antiretroviral drug used to treat AIDS. Truvada has been the sales leader for over a decade and has earned a fortune for the company. Gilead is winding down sales of Truvada, which will go off-patent in September 2021, in favor of Descovy, another retroviral drug the company offers that may be just as effective yet safer. Truvada patients have filed lawsuits that allege Truvada causes bone fragility issues for those taking it as part of an antiretroviral cocktail of drugs that combats the disease so effectively. Descovy tests indicate that bone density deterioration could be less. Lawyers were criticized for alerting the public of the bone breakages suffered by Truvada users. Studies continue to pour in that support the Truvada bone break accusations. Finally, an undeniable connection was made between Truvada use and bone loss when scientists concluded, "Significant reductions in bone marrow density at both the lumbar spine and hip were also observed in studies including people starting Antiretroviral Therapy for the first time."

Bone density and breakage issues are not the only problems that have been reported by AIDS patients taking Truvada. Truvada has been reported to cause kidney failure and severe renal problems that may require dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant. According to a lawsuit filed in 2016, Truvada's maker Gilead Sciences allegedly deliberately kept the safer Truvada replacement Descovy off of the market to maximize sales and extend their patent. Gilead has been accused of knowing or having a responsibility to know that they were selling a dangerous drug to consumers without warning them and that a safer, but less profitable, the alternative drug was in their possession. If you or a loved one have taken Truvada and are experiencing bone or kidney problems, you should speak with a Truvada Bone and Kidney Damage Lawyer to see if you qualify to file a claim.

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