Some HIV Positive Women Have Double The Bone Breakage Risk When Using Truvada

Truvada's bone loss side effects may double for women taking a popular form of birth control

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Saturday, November 28, 2020 - Evidence of Truvada causing bone loss if being presented at the 23rd International AIDS Conference that highlights the dangers of taking tenofovirdisoproxil fumarate (TDF), better known by the brand name Truvada. A study presented at the conference indicates that bone density loss, a side effect reported by HIV-positive patients taking the drug to manage their AIDS progression, is increased when Truvada is taken by women at the same time as a popular contraceptive solution. According to AIDS, "Use of the injectable hormonal contraceptive Depo Provera was associated with a doubling of bone loss in young women starting antiretroviral treatment containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)." Also, AM writes of the history of debilitating side effects suffered by HIV-positive Truvada patients, "Previous research has shown that people living with HIV experience accelerated loss of bone density and are at greater risk for osteopenia (low bone mineral density) and osteoporosis (more severe loss of bone density that can lead to fractures)." Individuals that have taken Truvada have hired Truvada Bone Loss Lawyers and filed suit against Gilead Science, accusing the company of failing to warn them of the decrease in bone density and alleged bone breakages they experienced. Bone density loss called osteoporosis occurs when the bone's natural degeneration outstrips its reproduction. Birth control drugs like Dep Provera cause a decrease in estrogen production and bone replenishment and Truvada can accelerate the effect. The Aids Map article elaborates on the tests and concludes that bone loss was greater in women with AIDS that also were taking Truvada. Truvada patients that have broken bones or experienced kidney failure issues should consult a Truvada Lawyer to see if they qualify to file a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses and lump sum punitive damages.

Truvada was thought to be a breakthrough drug by government health agencies and private organizations eager to get on top of the never-ending AIDS health epidemic. Truvada can be 99% effective in stopping the progression of the disease when taken in concert with other drugs in an antiretroviral cocktail of medication. The drug also is the centerpiece of the Trump Administration's efforts to wipe out AIDS by 2030, an ambitious initiative. Along those lines, Truvada is given away free to HIV negative people who would attest to being in a sexual relationship with an HIV positive partner. LGBTQ and other AIDS health activists have criticized lawyers for the last year and a half for advertising on social media, trying to alert the public and also find clients that had taken Truvada and experienced abnormal bone breakages. The AIDS community is angry at Gilead for charging upwards of $2000 per month for the daily dosage of the drug when other countries like Australia were making it available for under $100. Generica alternatives to Truvada have come to market recently. The price of the drug could decrease in 2021 and beyond.

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