Senator Harris Launches Truvada/HIV Plan

The Senator agrees with HIV activists that feel the Trump plan does not go far or fast enough to make a dent in the spread of HIV

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Monday, June 24, 2019 - US Senator Kamala Harris is resisting the current administration's plan to provide anti-HIV drug Truvada free of charge to people who cannot afford the $1500 per month price tag and has proposed an intriguing one of her own. According to, the Harris plan would force both public and private insurance plans to cover the cost of the drug for those with insurance, without a copay, and to create a grant program for the uninsured. Harris' plan includes Medicare and Medicaid. Not only would the cost of the drug be covered but also all doctor and follow-up visits. The bill would also prevent insurance companies from denying coverage or charging higher premiums for life, health, and disability insurance for those who take the drug. Most importantly, the Harris plan would focus educational efforts towards high-risk communities where HIV transmission is the greatest. The Trump/Gilead plan all but ignores a key demographic that is the most responsible for currently spreading the virus. Truvada broken bones attorneys are top national lawyers with a long track record of success in winning cases against multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates and representing families and persons harmed by the drug Truvada and offer a no obligation and free consultation before filing a lawsuit case.

According to Stat

"Gay and bisexual teen boys are disproportionately affected by HIV, accounting for almost two-thirds of new infections among adolescents." Younger, gay, bi-sexual, black and Latino men report over three quarters of the new cases of HIV every year and " 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men are expected to become HIV positive in their lifetimes."

The Harris plan's focus is on inner-city blacks and Latinos. Acknowledging and addressing this under-reported group's HIV education and prevention needs is paramount in the fight to eliminate the disease. Harris notes that only 7% of the one million Americans who would benefit from the drugs are currently getting it and that "approximately 500,000 Black individuals and 300,000 Latinx individuals could have potentially benefited from PrEP, only 7,000 Black individuals and 7,600 Latinx individuals received prescriptions." Current federal government programs and the Trump plan fail to address this important HIV demographic. HIV experts from universities across the US agree that targeting this group of gay men could have a huge impact on wiping out the disease since most of them are unaware HIV even exists let alone the seriousness of the consequences of contracting the disease.

The Trump plan currently underway aims to give away free of charge 200,000 bottles of Truvada anti-HIV transmission drug to individuals that are either uninsured or otherwise cannot afford the drug every year for the next 10-15 years. Such a deal insures that Gilead Pharmaceuticals continue to receive windfall profits in the billions of dollars every year and continuing to incentivise the drug industry to take the risks of developing new drugs. The company's profits are being challenged in Congress as government-funded scientists were primarily responsible for inventing and developing the drug. Congress argues that the US taxpayer is entitled to own the drug's patents and to make low or no cost generic Truvada alternatives available to everyone.

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