Politicians and HIV Activists Are Barking Up The Wrong Tree When They Complain About Facebook Ads

Attorney advertising is not the problem that the multitudes have with taking Truvada

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Monday, December 23, 2019 - Attorneys that advertise for clients to join the class action lawsuit against Gilead Science are being called "ambulance chasers" and other derogatory terms by gay and lesbian groups for placing ads on Facebook seeking to find clients that have been harmed by anti-HIV drug Truvada. Some 50 or so organizations led by GLAAD, a national LGBTQ advocacy organization, have complained to Facebook to remove attorney advertising seeking clients that have been injured by Truvada's admitted adverse side effects of causing osteoporosis and kidney damage. People including long-time HIV activist and Prep4All co-founder Peter Staley claim that the ads are scaring homosexual men and women from seeking to take Truvada. According to NBC News, Staley told them, "For the last six months, they've been targeting gay men on Facebook and Instagram with visuals about PrEP, the word PrEP and the blue pill, which is very iconic now for PrEP users. They're scaring the s---out of anybody who's seeing them." So far Facebook has refused to pull the ads since all one has to do to see the well-known and deadly side effects that Gilead themselves admit Truvada carries is to visit www.truvada.com. Many think that the gay advocacy groups are merely lashing out in frustration since only about one in five people that could benefit from taking Truvada are seeking the drug. A more realistic reason for so few getting the drug could be Truvada's unaffordable $1600 per month price tag for a mere 30-day daily supply, and the fact that using condoms, an equally effective method for preventing transmission of all sexual diseases are readily available for free or for pennies. The overwhelming reason that so many people do not take Truvada is, however, that a large percentage of HIV transmissions happen each year in the teenage, homosexual black and Latino population where parental consent and a prescription is needed to receive the drug. Being HIV positive carries a severe negative stigma and young people are none-too-eager to sign up for a lifetime of ridicule. Outside of, and in addition to this demographic, it is not unrealistic to think that the public would also be skeptical about taking a medication that is so new that it does not have a track record to prove its safety.

If you are contemplating taking Truvada you should first visit Gilead Science's web page dedicated to the side effects of Truvada located at https://www.truvada.com/what-is-truvada/side-effects. According to the website, "Truvada can cause serious side effects such as the worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection, kidney problems, including kidney failure, lactic acidosis, severe liver problems, bone density problems including bone pain, softening, or thinning, which may lead to fractures." Truvada lawsuits can be filed if a person or family member of a person who has suffered from osteoporosis, broken or brittle bones, or kidney failure while taking Truvada.

I fail to see how alerting the public to these and other potentially deadly side effects harm the public. The attorney advertising that I have seen only seeks to make the public aware of Truvada's side effects to that they can make a more informed decision. It is absurd that politicians such as New York Governor Cuomo or Senator Elizabeth Warren stand by Truvada as being "safe and effective" clearly contradicting Gilead's assessment of their drug.

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