People Living With AIDS Take Truvada To Slow The Progression Of The Virus

Antiretroviral cocktails that include Truvada are today's standard in treating AIDS patients.

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Monday, October 26, 2020 - Truvada is part of an antiretroviral therapy (ART) cocktail of drugs that are effective in slowing the progression of the AIDS virus. The combination of drugs makes it difficult for the virus to copy itself and multiply. Using a combination of drugs has been a breakthrough and thought to be the reason for slowing the number of deaths due to AIDS. On the downside, however, is people living with AIDS are living longer and affected by other non-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, all of which are more difficult to treat when one has been taking an antiretroviral for several years. described that people living with AIDS "... may be subject to accelerated aging, with earlier onset and a higher risk of acquiring many chronic illnesses." People living with AIDS experience more severe symptoms from diseases like "diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancers, lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive impairment," because they take Truvada. Truvada attorneys representing people nationwide, have vast experience and a winning track record litigating against big corporations, pharmaceutical companies and offer a no obligation free consultation.

Antiretroviral cocktails that include Truvada are today's standard in treating AIDS patients. The cocktail of drugs is to be taken daily and must build up in the blood to be effective. According to Peach, "The goal of antiretroviral therapy is to reduce the amount of virus in your body (viral load) to a level that can no longer be detected with current blood tests." All combinations of AIDS drugs include tenofovir sold under the brand name of Truvada. Truvada is also recommended to be taken as a prophylactic measure by HIV-negative individuals that wish to engage in a same-sex relationship with an HIV-positive person. Truvada, Descovy, and now generic Truvada are thought to be 99 percent effective in preventing the spread of HIV when used according to the directions. Taking Truvada as a preventative measure is restricted to those that wear a condom and in a monogamous relationship. Some doctors have frowned upon prescribing Truvada for HIV transmission prevention because they think it may be abused and used as a license to have unprotected sex, creating the risk of transmitting other sexual diseases. In either case, generic Truvada has come onto the market and promises to reduce the cost of Truvada, now around $1800 per month.

People that take Truvada, regardless of the purpose, have developed severe side effects of decreased bone density and kidney failure. Truvada relies on being highly toxic to be effective. Many have hired Truvada bone breakage lawyers to file a claim against Gilead Sciences, the maker of Truvada, for failing to warn them of the potential for the treatment to be as bad as the disease. Truvada and all antiretroviral therapies are not a cure for AIDS. Gilead Sciences has kept Descovy, thought to be a safer drug, off of the market for years to maximize the company's profit without informing patients. If you or a loved one have broken bones or had kidney damage and have been taking Truvada, you may be able to file a claim.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Truvada Lawsuit Case Review If You or a Loved One Suffered from Truvada Bone or Kidney Complications

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