New Lawsuits Accuse Truvada of Causing Bone Breakage and Kidney Damage

Just because a drug is effective at helping in one respect does not mean one should ignore its side effects

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - AIDS management and prevention drug Truvada's side effects are real, and opinions, no matter how loudly expressed, to the contrary, are patently false. LGBTQ activist organizations have accused Truvada Bone Breakage Lawyers who advertise for clients on social media to be banned and their advertisements removed because they are inflammatory and may scare potential patients away from the drug. Truvada has been widely accepted as a part of AIDS-management therapy to suppress the progression of the disease and make it a treatable condition instead of a death sentence. Truvada has been marketed as a method of stopping the spread of HIV by using it as a prophylactic. Truvada is up to 99% effective if taken every day as directed if the patient practices other measures such as wearing a condom and limiting sexual activity to a monogamous relationship. Truvada attorneys offer a free consultation to individuals and family members of people harmed from Truvada's side effects such as brittle, broken bones and kidney failure to see if you qualify to file a lawsuit claim against the makers of Truvada, Gilead.

Lawyers file personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against Gilead Sciences every day, alleging that taking Truvada caused their clients' bones to weaken and break and their kidneys to shut down to the point they have required dialysis and kidney transplants. Plaintiffs accuse Gilead Sciences of deliberately keeping Descovy from patients in an attempt to extend their market monopoly after the Truvada patent expired this year. Gilead Sciences, the maker of Truvada, is being held accountable for causing kidney damage, bone fractures, and other injuries according to a report published by (AL). "The complaint (PDF) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on August 10, indicating the drug maker failed to adequately warn about the risks associated with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) HIV drugs and withheld development of safer formulations of the drugs as part of a scheme to increase profits," according to AL.

Gilead's scheme to replace Truvada with Descovy coincided with the current federal initiative of providing Truvada free of charge. Gilead is giving away 2 million bottles of Truvada to patients without insurance free of charge as long as the applicant is HIV negative and agrees to take part in post-market effectiveness surveys while taking the drug. Gilead intended to replace Truvada with Descovy as its patient expired. Making the switch backfired as last month when United Health Care, the largest health care insurance provider in the US, announced they would not pay for the $1800 per month cost of Descovy and that policy-holders were required to switch to generic Truvada alternative to be covered.

Lawsuits against Gilead claim that the company failed to warn AIDS patients that the toxicity of Truvada could cause their bones to break and their kidneys to shut down. Truvada plaintiffs suffer from kidney disease and other renal damage, fractures of the femur and other bones in the arms, hips, and legs caused by developing osteoporosis. People with AIDS that have suffered broken bones or kidney damage should consult a Truvada Bone and Kidney lawyer.

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