New Injectable Drug Promises To Be A Paradigm Shift For Treating AIDS And Preventing The Transmission of HIV

The ease and convenience of Cabotegravir is in contrast to taking Truvada which must be taken every day

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - People suffering from the AIDS virus and those that are HIV negative in a monogamous, same-sex relationship have received great news recently from an important scientific study. Cabotegravir, a new injectable form of AIDS management and preventive medicine has proven to outperform Truvada in a recent scientific study. Cabotefravir "proved highly effective in the double-blind Phase III HPTN 084 trial, which included 3,223 women at risk for the virus living in seven nations in sub-Saharan Africa, according to an article published recently in POZ. Cabotegravir is to be taken every two months for men and women looking to prevent the spread of HIV. Cabotegravir is to be administered monthly, in combination with Rilpivirine for management of the symptoms for people living with AIDS. Scientists theorize that the dosage frequency may be increased to three months soon. Truvada broken bones attorneys offer a no obligation free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

The ease and convenience of Cabotegravir is in contrast to taking Truvada which must be taken in pill form every day to be effective. If a person misses one day of taking Truvada, the AIDS virus can become active again, and doubling up the dosage the next day does not help. Also, if one misses one day of Truvada when used as a prophylactic to prevent HIV transmission, the drug's effectiveness rate could be cut in half. People have a difficult time remembering to take Truvada every day and for that reason, many doctors have avoided prescribing the medication. Doctors are eager to recommend Cabotegravir to their patients when they come in to see them for their bi-monthly injection and health checkup, however, they stress that neither Truvada nor Cabotegravir is a license to have unprotected sex and that people must continue to use condoms and remain limited to a monogamous relationship.

Experts think that injectable Cabotegravir could be available in the United States as early as late 2021. POZ reports: "Kimberly Smith, MD, MPH, the head of research and development at the pharmaceutical company, projected on a press call Monday morning that injectable Cabotegravir \ as PrEP could be approved in the United States by late 2021 and hit the market in early 2022." The doctor told the online magazine, "If approved, long-acting Cabotegravir will provide an option that reduces the number of annual dosing days from 365 to six. Also, long-acting Cabotegravir can be discreetly administered and may empower women to reduce their risk of HIV acquisition without the need for negotiation with their sexual partner." Switching from Truvada to Cabotegravir requires the patient to see their doctor six times per year versus the current four annual checkups for Truvada users.

As promising as Cabotegravir may seem, the drug's side effects remain unknown. The only comparison that can be made at this time is to the side effects of Truvada. Truvada patients taking the drug to manage AIDS have reported abnormally brittle bones leading to fractures. Some have reported kidney problems requiring dialysis and kidney transplant. Other Truvada users report life-threatening ketoacidosis for long-term Truvada users.

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