More People May Be Willing To Get Tested and Treated For AIDS Now That The Medicine They Need Is Free

Walmart and its affiliates have set up Truvada by Descovy distribution areas in their pharmacies to fulfill prescriptions for the drug for free

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Monday, June 22, 2020 - The Trump Administration's plan to work with Gilead Sciences and to give away about 2 million bottles of Truvada and Descovy each year for at least the next ten years, to prevent the transmission of HIV may have a positive, yet unintended effect for individuals who have AIDS. Millions of Americans are unknowingly living with the AIDS virus, uninsured, and unable or unwilling to be tested to confirm that they have the disease. These individuals are each unknowingly infecting dozens of other individuals every year, who are doing the same, and so on. Fear is a major reason these individuals are hesitant to be tested, however, being unable to afford Truvada's $2000 per month price tag is another. Most people aren't being tested because they can not afford the drugs they would need to survive should they test positive. The government's free Truvada giveaway program will not only help millions of people have safer sexual relations but also could bring the disease out of the shadows and fully into the public's mainstream. There is no excuse now for not getting tested to see if you have AIDS now that for at least the next decade, the drugs you will need to survive will be free. There is especially no reason for physicians to hesitate to test every patient for AIDS and to prescribe Truvada, except the drug's potential adverse side effects. Truvada has been reported to induce osteoporosis and kidney disease in a small percentage of HIV positive patients that took the drug.

Public awareness of the need for everyone regardless of sexual orientation to be tested is being boosted this week by retail giant Wallmart which announce this week that they would fully commit to getting Truvada and Descovy out to all that need the drug, to HIV positive individuals that now need to manage and slow the progression of the disease, to HIV negative people that want to engage in a monogamous sexual relationship with someone that is known to have AIDS. According to POZ, "Pharmacies at Walmart stores, Sam's Clubs and Albertsons Companies will donate their dispensing services to people in the federal HIV prevention program "Ready, Set, PrEP," according to an announcement by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), which oversees the program. This means the pharmacies will refill participants' prescriptions for free." Truvada lawyers offer free no obligation consultation to individuals that suffered from kidney disease and osteoporosis due to taking the medication Truvada.

Gilead Science has come under criticism by LGBTQ and HIV activist groups for pricing Truvada and Descovy so high that only people with a good health insurance plan (practically no one) could afford to get the drug. That changed in January of 2020 as the free Truvada giveaway program came into effect. The current health pandemic has kept the majority of American's couped up in their homes and many are putting off elective medical treatments such as hernia surgery and going to the doctor for the medical checkup to see if they are HIV positive and able to receive the free Truvada prescription. People suffering and dying from AIDS because they are too afraid to leave home to get the medical examinations and the drugs they need is just one of the many ways being locked down in the house adversely affects people's health.

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