Lawsuits Against Gilead Sciences Pile Up As Truvada's Side Effects Are Brought To The Public's Attention

Thousands of individuals have experienced kidney damage and osteoporosis from Truvada's toxicity

Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Friday, October 18, 2019 - As the facts of Gilead Science's free Truvada giveaway program hit the news more and more people are excited about the drug's HIV prevention possibilities. Some critics of Truvada, however, question, why the government would subsidize over 2 million free bottles of Truvada to be given to homosexuals that otherwise could not afford the drug when using a condom would be as effective in preventing the spread of HIV. Some people think that promoting Truvada is equivalent to promoting unprotected sex and fear a new epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases is just around the corner. Other users of Truvada are now being alerted to the fact that Truvada has serious and potentially deadly side effects that have caused kidney damage and a weakened bone structure. This group is furious that Gilead not only knew about Truvada's lethal toxicity and failed to tell the public, but also that Gilead had an alternative PReP drug called Descovy that was safer and just as effective in their back pocket for over a decade. These individuals are consulting Truvada attorneys and filing suit against Gilead Sciences for monetary compensation.

According to the LGBT publication The Washington Blade, Gilead Sciences has been hit with several lawsuits claiming that Truvada's toxicity led to their bone breakages and kidney problems. Lawsuits filed in California claim that Gilead knew that Descovy was safer than Truvada yet kept the drug off the market for patent and ultimately financial reasons. According to The Blade "The two personal injury lawsuits accuse Gilead of intentionally continuing to promote the HIV medication tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), which was known to cause serious kidney and bone damage, so it could profit from the drug before its patent on the medication was to expire in 2015." reports that an additional 41 lawsuits were filed against Gilead Sciences in California the other day alleging that Truvada and other PReP drugs caused them permanent, life-threatening kidney damage and bone fractures from osteoporosis.

Gilead is also the subject of a class-action lawsuit with co-defendants Bristol-Myers Squibb, Japan Tobacco Inc., Akros Pharma, Johnson & Johnson that claims that the group conspired to fix prices for PReP drugs artificially high and to keep competition from the market. The complaint is devastating and accuses the consortium of companies of concocting a scheme to "restrain competition for some of the most important drugs used to treat HIV." The lawsuit accuses Gilead of "unlawfully extending patent protection for their drugs, impairing entry by would-be generic competitors, and charging exorbitant, supracompetitive prices for the drugs that people living with HIV need to survive." The complaint goes on to state that "Through an array of anticompetitive practices-including horizontal agreements constituting per se violations of the antitrust laws-Gilead has acquired and maintained a monopoly in the market for drugs that comprise the modern HIV treatment regimen," this according to About

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