Injectible Cabenuva Could Solve Many of Truvada's Inherent Shortcomings.

There is much anticipation of the new form of injectable drug to treat those with AIDS and most Truvada patients could switch

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - According to HIV, the new injectable AIDS management drug Cabenuva, which is now available in Canada could be offered in the US sometime in 2021. "The first long-acting antiretroviral product for HIV treatment is expected to be available soon in the U.S. Cabenuva will be a co-packaged product containing cabotegravir and rilpivirine and is manufactured by ViiV Healthcare. Cabenuva is to be taken via monthly injections that generally will need to be administered in a clinical setting." estimates that approximately 2/3 of current AIDS patients taking Truvada could be willing to try the new injectable antiretroviral medication. Other studies in Europe estimate that the number of those willing to switch could be as high as 89%. Truvada broken bones attorneys offer a no obligation and free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Injectable HIV and AIDS management drug Cabenuva is administered once per month in the comfort and privacy of the doctor's office. Cabenuva studies indicate that it may be up to twice as effective in preventing the progression of AIDS in those with the disease and also up to twice as effective at preventing the spread of HIV when taken by HIV-negative patients that are engaged in a same-sex relationship with an infected partner. Truvada is the primary drug that is recommended to be taken as part of one's antiretroviral routine to slow the progression of the virus. Truvada, however, has had several significant drawbacks that have prevented many Americans from taking advantage of it. The disadvantages of Truvada are that it is expensive, must be taken daily to be effective, and has been reported to cause osteoporosis and kidney problems in HIV positive AIDS patients. Hundreds of AIDS patients have reported abnormal bone fractures and kidney failure after taking Truvada. Truvada patients have hired Truvada Bone and Kidney Damage Lawyers to help them file a claim. These three problems may be solved when Cabenuva is made available in the US. Also, taking Cabenuva injections in the doctor's office affords young AIDS sufferers a level of privacy not available to Truvada patients that must fill a prescription before receiving the medicine. Truvada carries an unaffordable $1800 per month price tag and AIDS activists and members of Congress have accused Gilead Sciences, the maker of Truvada of price gouging. Truvada's replacement Descovy is even more expensive although the side effects appear to be less. A single generic Truvada alternative is currently available from Teva Pharmaceutical for about a 10% discount from Truvada's price. There have been no other generics offered as of the time of this writing. Another feature of the injectable Cabenuva is that it eliminates the need to remember to take Truvada every day. It should be noted that neither Cabenuva, Truvada, Descovy, or a generic version thereof prevent the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases therefore one must continue to use a condom when having same-sex sex.

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