Injectable Drug May Be a Breakthrough To Treat AIDS

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the once per month injectable Cabenuva to treat AIDS patients

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Friday, January 22, 2021 - Truvada's days as the go-to drug for AIDS management may be coming to an end. Truvada has been the drug of choice for stopping or slowing the progression of AIDS for more than a decade. Truvada patients have reported the unwanted side effect of causing bone weakness leading to fractures and also kidney damage that requires dialysis treatment and sometimes kidney failure. People with Truvada bone breaks and kidney problems have hired Truvada Side Effect Lawyers to hold Gilead Science accountable for failing to warn consumers of the dangers of taking the drug. Truvada's monopoly over AIDS management could suffer as a result of a new, more convenient to take medicine.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for the first time, an injectable drug that helps AIDS patients manage their disease. Also, the FDA plans to soon visit approving the shot for those wanting to use it as a prophylactic measure to prevent spreading HIV from an infected partner to a healthy one. Cabenuva is administered once per month in a two-shot combo, according to Doctors, patients, and AIDS health activists are excited that one hurdle may have been cleared for patients to lead a healthier life and also in preventing transmission of the disease. Before injectable Cabenuva, AIDS patients relied on taking a dose of Truvada as part of effective antiviral combination drugs every day. Truvada has to be taken every day to build up in the blood to a level that is sufficient to discourage the virus from replicating. Miss a day and the drug's effectiveness goes down and cannot be replenished. Missing a few days of Truvada is tantamount to not taking it at all. With injectable Cabenuva, people with AIDS and those seeking to stop the spread of the disease to a non-infected sexual partner, need only to show up at the doctor's office once per month to get their shot. Experts and physicians are excited and are thinking the injectable drug will revolutionize their ability to treat their patients. "That will enhance the quality of life" to need treatment just once a month, said Dr. Steven Deeks, an HIV specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, who has no ties to the drug's makers. People don't want those daily reminders that they're HIV infected."

Before you get too excited, Cabenuva comes with a price tag that may be unaffordable to anyone that does not have adequate health insurance. Cabenuva will cost around $5000 per month initially and $4000 per month thereafter, more than double the cost of Truvada. Cabenuva is not currently approved for people that want to use it for prophylactic purposes. Many people are now able to receive Truvada for free under the government and Gilead Science's plan to distribute 2 million bottles to people every year for free. Major health insurance companies are reviewing their pricing models that will undoubtedly go up to cover the higher cost of Cabenuva.

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