HIV Patients Speak Out On Why Truvada is Still Unavailable To So Many

Both sides have opinions of why Gilead Sciences charges so much for Truvada

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Monday, August 19, 2019 - The New York Times recently asked, "If anti-HIV drug Truvada is so effective at preventing the spread of HIV, why hasn't the disease been wiped out already." A recent article interviewed several experts on the subject and surmised that there were numerous reasons why those that need the drug the most did not have access to it and that the government's free giveaway would help only 10% of those in need. As social media would have it, The Times opened up an online discussion to get the opinion of others on the topic. HIV sufferers that could not afford the drug and others in the field of pharmaceuticals weighed in on why that was so. A large part of the discussion surrounded the exorbitant price of Truvada. Truvada lawyers are helping families and persons harmed by Truvada kidney problems and broken bones and offer a free consultation.

The most obvious reason why people who need Truvada can not get the drug is that it is unaffordable. Gilead Sciences charges around $1,750 per month for the drug that is to be taken daily to be effective and those without insurance simply cannot afford it. Also, one person in the NYT chat on the subject commented on the additional costs to the cost of the drug itself even if one has good health insurance. "For people having insurance with a high deductible plan, a doctor visit is around $80-$200 based on my personal experience, and the blood work required is around $50-$100. To get prescribed, the patient needs to visit the doctor every 3 months. So, each year, the cost is around $520 - $1200."

One commenter came to the defense of Gilead and the defense of the high cost of Truvada. A person with over 20 years experience as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry rebuked those that think that Giliead's greed has driven up the cost of the drug. The industry consultant wrote that it can take a pharmaceutical company up to 20 years to develop a drug, they spend billions of dollars each year on research and development and that only one in one hundred potential drugs ever make it to market. Stefania from Milano, Italy writes: "... the profits of a drug cannot be proxied by its mere manufacturing costs. The price of that one product (drug) has to incorporate somehow the costs of the other 99 opportunities that don't make it."

Others in the chat room are accusing Gilead of pure corporate greed. One person from Waldport, Oregon inferred that Gilead had a vested interest in ensuring that the HIV epidemic continues unabated to protect their billions of dollars in profits. This person chastised those for criticizing an AIDS researcher "who naively felt that Gilead would do the right thing." If the high cost of developing the drug is such a factor why is it available in other countries for next to nothing. "... why are they charging thousands for this vitally important drug in the US that is $8 in Australia?"

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