Gileads Monopoly of HIV Treatment and Prevention Drugs May Have Ended With Cabotegravir

While Gilead Science was scheming on how to best incentivize their Truvada patients to switch to Descovy and in the process elbow out competition from generic alternative drugs, another drug company was shrewdly positioning their HIV management and prevention drug to replace them both

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - One of the greatest fears that doctors have that is keeping them from routinely testing their patients for HIV and prescribing a drug like Truvada is the fear the patient will not take the medication every day as directed and thus become exposed to HIV as if they were taking no drug at all. Truvada and now Descovy is required to build up in the blood before it becomes effective enough to block the advancement of AIDS or effective enough to prevent transmission from one infected person to a healthy sexual partner. People that do not take Truvada everyday risk the disease progressing to the point of being difficult or impossible to treat. Now a drug has come along that threatens to displace Gilead's Truvada/Descovy HIV treatment and prevention monopoly. This new HIV treatment and prevention alternative solves the problem of forgetfulness on the part of the patient and also is showing even better results.

The Dallas Voice recently reported on Cabotegravir and sings its praises as a Truvada replacement. The drug recently went through a 3500 patient study and the result were impressive. "One injection every two months is all people with HIV and those on PrEP may need in the not-to-distant future. The injectable drug Cabotegravir appears to be 69 percent more effective than Truvada, the daily pill most commonly prescribed." Reuters wrote a similar story the other day singing Cabotegravir's praises. "GlaxoSmithKline said on Monday an injection every other month of its antiviral drug Cabotegravir was shown to be more effective at preventing an HIV infection than taking Gilead's Truvada pill every day." The trial study was stopped after the results were a success and a foregone conclusion, much like calling an election after only a percentage of the votes have been cast.

While the side effects of Capotegravir is still unknown, one fears that they may be even deadlier than Truvada. Truvada's replacement Descovy is thought to be many times safer than Truvada which has caused kidney disease and failure requiring dialysis to filter the blood and in extreme cases a kidney transplant. Truvada patients are required to undergo an invasive testing regimen before, during, and after starting taking the daily medication to see if blood or kidney problems may be developing. Truvada patients also suffer from lactic acid (lactic acidosis), a potentially deadly buildup of acid in the blood that causes weakness, muscle pain, shortness of breath, stomach pain, the coldness of the hands and feet, dizziness, and an abnormal heartbeat. Individuals that take Truvada and have developed these and other medical problems including osteoporosis may wish to consult a Truvada Side Effects Attorney to see if they may file a claim for damages.

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