Doctors Fear Truvada Patients Will Not Use a Condom and Fail To Take The Drug Everyday

Few doctors promote Truvada for fear that to do so could lead to unprotected sex and a spread of STD's including HIV

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - Truvada is an anti-HIV drug taken by HIV-negative individuals as a preventative measure when engaged in a monogamous homosexual relationship. The PrEP drug is effective around 90% of the time when used in combination with a condom and the drug is taken religiously every day. If a patient skips one or more days the effectiveness drops off significantly. People that are starting Truvada are advised to continue to use a condom and limit their sexual activity to a single, monogamous relationship. The government is giving away 2.4 million bottles of Truvada this year and each year until 2030 to wipe out AIDS, the deadly disease caused by HIV. Truvada broken bones lawyers offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a claim.

Health officials are concerned that offering Truvada for free and promoting its usage could lead to risky sexual behavior and have opposite the intended effect and increase the spread of the virus and other sexual diseases (STD) by causing patients to think they can safely have sex without using a condom. It is also feared that people will not take the drug religiously every day and think that they will still be protected. People that are concerned with not contracting an STD already are using condoms and preventing disease transmission. Family care practitioners do not prescribe Truvada because of the fear that it will create a false sense of security. Truvada may also carry severe side effects including causing osteoporosis and kidney failure.

Uninsured, HIV-negative homosexual men and women without the resources to see a physician are urged to use the services of Planned Parenthood in their area to incorporate Truvada with their overall sexual health program. People should not view Truvada as an isolated drug and should have a complete physical checkup before receiving the drug. The results of this examination help the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitor the effectiveness of the drug and to perform a critical post-market study of any side effects the drug may carry. Experts are concerned that taking Truvada and its replacement drug Descovy may lead to bone density loss and/or kidney failure as it has done with HIV-positive people who use the drug to manage their disease. According to, Planned Parenthood may provide free, and confidential sexual health services pertaining to "... a range of services from well-person examinations to cancer screening and care for sexually transmitted diseases. The organization provides gynecological services that include breast health and mammogram referrals, birth control and emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion services, vasectomies, and transgender care." The organization sponsors any number of grassroots HIV/Truvada educational programs to help promote one's overall sexual well-being.

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