Descovy is FDA Approved And Ready to Replace Truvada In 2020

If you thought that Gilead Sciences would reduce the cost of Descovy relative to Truvada you may be disappointed

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - Descovy has been approved for sale in America by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a move that comes as no surprise to anyone. Descovy is slated to replace Truvada, Gilead Sciences' groundbreaking and revolutionary HIV suppression drug. HIV negative individuals are to take Truvada/Descovy every day if they are engaged in a sexual relationship with an HIV positive individual. Truvada is dispensed through a pharmacist and will not be given out without proof of a physical examination beforehand to prove that the person is healthy. Truvada patients also must report to a pharmacist and answer questions before refilling his prescription so that any adverse side effects can be monitored. Truvada patients have reported suffering from bone density loss, osteoporosis, and kidney and renal failure. Some have taken issue with Gilead's unwillingness to warn them of the potential side effects and have hired a Truvada osteoporosis or kidney failure attorney to help him or her to file a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Truvada is 99% effective in blocking the spread of HIV that could develop into AIDS, but it is important that those taking Truvada practice safe sex and only within a mutually monogamous relationship. Truvada lawyers representing families and individuals that suffered from broken bones and kidney failure offer a free no obligation consultation.

In a move that is certain to infuriate the LGBTQ community, Descovy has been approved for sale to men but oddly enough, not for women. Descovy has proven to be effective in anal tissues but not yet in vaginal tissues.

Descovy is said to be just as effective as Truvada in preventing the spread of HIV but also is a milder drug with fewer side effects.

Side effects include head and stomach aches, and weight loss, kidney failure, lactic acidosis, a potentially deadly condition, serious liver problems, bone pain, reduced bone density, and fractures. Thousands of individuals have filed claims against Gilead for keeping the less toxic Descovy off of the market until now, corresponding with Truvada's patent expiration. Critics are crying foul as Gilead has failed to make the price of Truvada affordable to all but those with good health insurance coverage, at a monthly cost of around $1600, or $20,000 per year.

Gilead Sciences and the Trump administration are offering 2.4 million bottles of Truvada/Descovy per year to individuals that are HIV negative and in a relationship with a person with HIV. It is assumed that the drug will be dispensed through state-run health care clinics and pharmacies around the country when the program rolls out sometime in 2020. The overnight approval for Descovy raises allows Gilead to seamlessly transfer millions of Truvada patients to Descovy when Truvada's patent expires thus keeping low-cost generic competition from gaining market traction. The government's goal is to reduce HIV transmission by "75% over the next five years and by 90% in the next ten years preventing more than 250,000 HIV infections. Some people think that 2.4 million annual doses are not enough to achieve the above-stated goals and that that it would take ten times that amount to wipe out HIV in ten or so years.

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