California To Make Truvada Available Without Doctor's Prescription

California has gotten out in front of the HIV prevention debate with legislation to offer the drug over the counter

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Friday, August 16, 2019 - The State of California has taken immediate and concrete actions on several public health fronts in recent months. The state has placed Roundup herbicide on their official list of products sold in the state that can cause cancer. The city of San Francisco California has become our country's first public entity to ban the use of Vape pens citing the increase in childhood nicotine addiction attributed to vaping. And recently, California lawmakers have proposed to make the leading anti-HIV drug available over the counter without a prescription to millions of state residents in need. Truvada attorneys believe persons and family members of persons who developed acute or chronic kidney problems and suffered from broken or brittle bones while taking Truvada may be eligible for real compensation and offer a free consultation, no-obligation to file a claim.

According to, the over-the-counter drug initiate was co-authored by Senator Scott Wiener, San Diego Assemblyman Todd Gloria, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and will take the form of Senate Bill 159. The objective of the legislation is to make the drug more easily available to individuals that may not be forthcoming about having the disease and to break down the barriers for those that want the drug but are currently not receiving it. For the time being, anyone that wants Truvada must first go to a doctor and answer a series of questions about their sexual activity and medical history. The drug's potential recipient must then be certified as HIV negative before receiving a prescription. After that, the patient is required to return to their doctor regularly, often at their own considerable expense to be monitored for the drug's adverse side effects of bone density loss and renal and kidney failure. The California Bill aims to streamline these procedures by allowing a patient to immediately purchase the drug and then subsequently get HIV tested within 7 days. The pharmacist at the drug store will be responsible for educating the patient as to the potential adverse side effects as well as being responsible for contacting the patient's doctor of record. According to, The California Medical Association is against the initiative citing the fact that Truvada's toxicity requires screening out those with pre-existing kidney conditions, a medical activity that a pharmacist is not qualified to perform.

Nonetheless, the bill flew through the State Senate probably because Truvada is so effective at stopping HIV, it will probably save 1000 lives for every 1 in which it causes kidney disease. HIV prevention drug Truvada, manufactured by Gilead Science, has proven to be 99.9% effective in preventing the spread of HIV from an infected partner to a non-infected partner. The drug is taken daily and currently costs around $2000 per month, a price that prohibits low income and non-insured individuals from receiving the drug. Truvada also has been shown to cause bone density loss and patients have reported broken bones while on the drug. Bone density issues are thought to be reversible for those taking Truvada for less than one year, however, experts are concerned for long-term users as there is no data available as to whether their osteoporosis will be permanent. There is no opposition to the drug being offered without prescription on a post-exposure basis (PEP).

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