AIDS Patients and Professionals Could Welcome A Less-Frequent Injectable Form of Treatment

Forgetting to take the daily Truvada pill can cause the AIDS virus to become stronger and harder to control

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - Truvada is 99% effective for HIV positive individuals that seek to limit or manage the progression of AIDS symptoms and also for those that wish to use the drug for prophylactic purposes. The problem with Truvada, however, is that the medication must be taken daily to maximize its effectiveness. Most patients are unaware or do not take the daily dosage requirements seriously. Truvada also carries with it significant risks for HIV positive individuals such as life-threatening ketoacidosis, osteoporosis, and kidney failure. Individuals that have experienced bone breakage and kidney failure have hired Truvada side effect attorneys to represent them in seeking monetary compensation.

Doctors are hesitant to prescribe Truvada mainly because it could give patients a false sense of security. If you miss just one day of taking the pill the odds of the disease progressing go up significantly. Truvada builds up gradually in the blood, therefore taking two doses the day after missing one does no good. Truvada also does nothing to prevent other serious sexually transmitted diseases. Individuals that are HIV positive are warned that taking Truvada alone will not work to slow the progression of AIDS. warns on the website, "If you do become HIV-1 positive, you need more medicine than TRUVADA alone to treat HIV-1. TRUVADA by itself is not a complete treatment for HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA, your HIV-1 may become harder to treat now and in the future."

People that are taking Truvada are urged to refill their prescriptions before their current drug runs out. If you stop Truvada for even a few days the virus may become stronger. "This is very important because the amount of virus in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time. The virus may develop resistance to TRUVADA and become harder to treat." The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that if you occasionally skip taking your AIDS medicine HIV will multiply rapidly, weaken your immune system, and make you sick. Take a dose of Truvada immediately after realizing that you have missed your daily dose.

HIV treatment and prevention advocates are excited that a new injectable treatment called Cabotegravir has cleared several approval hurdles and could be getting ready to be sold in North America. Health Canada recently approved Cabenuva (cabotegravir and rilpivirine) an AIDS management drug that requires only one injection every month to be effective. The drug could be an excellent way to treat AIDS patients because it requires a visit to the doctor's office to be administered giving the physician the chance to assess the patient's overall health and to treat medical problems that could occur on a timely basis. Rather than rely on remembering to Take Truvada daily, a patient could simply place a doctor's visit once per month on the calendar. Medical professionals in Europe are excited about cabotegravir's potential. The European Pharmaceutical Review writes: "According to the company, Cabenuva is the first and only once-monthly, complete long-acting regimen for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults to replace the current antiretroviral (ARV) regimen in patients who are virologically stable and suppressed."

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