A Focus On Gay Black And Latino Teenagers Is Needed To Stop The Spread Of HIV

Educational programs are needed to convince this demographic to take Truvada

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Friday, September 20, 2019 - Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a prescription medication that is 99% effective in preventing transmission of HIV through sex. Truvada must be taken daily. Truvada patients must continue to practice other safe sex practices such as limiting their number of sexual partners and using a condom. Truvada patients must certify that they are HIV-negative before being granted a prescription for the HIV prevention medication. Truvada lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys with vast experience in medical litigations winning cases against multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates and offer a free consultation, no obligation.

Member of the scientific community, drug manufacturers and politicians in Washington, D. C. are committed to ending the HIV epidemic that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives, mostly gay men and women. Teenage gay black and Latino men are most at risk of transmitting and becoming infected with HIV as teenagers avoid the stigma of having to get their parent's permission to receive the drug. There are movements underway to make the drug available for free, to this particular demographic without requiring parental consent and to provide HIV education in public middle and high schools. Currently, less that one in four members of this demographic is currently taking Truvada. To rectify this situation, the PrEP Access and Coverage Act has been introduced in Congress.

The first step in the legislation is to require all public and private health insurance to cover the cost of Truvada. Also, the plans would have to cover eliminate co-pays and cover pre and post medication follow-up visits. These visits currently cost $400-$800 per month and are required to refill a Truvada prescription. These costs, as well as the cost of Truvada, would be covered by state grant money for those who do not have health insurance. Insurance companies would be prohibited from charging higher premiums or requiring higher deductibles for those who access the drugs.

Both Congresspersons Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris understand the need for the above legislation, as well as making an effort to reduce the $1600 monthly Truvada cost Gilead Sciences charges down to a reasonable amount that lets lower-income individuals have access to the drug and also allows drug companies make a reasonable profit. The exorbitant $20,000 Truvada price tag indicates that Gilead Sciences is putting profits before public health and safety concerns. Truvada was discovered and developed in large part with government grant money and it is being argued that the US taxpayer is the true owner of Truvada and Descovy's patent. Truvada is available in countries like Australia in generic form for as little as $8 per month. According to the Australian Federation of Aids Organizations (AFAO), "On 21 March 2018, the Federal Minister for Health announced that PrEP will be subsidized by the Australian Government through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1 April 2018." The Organization recognizes that "PrEP has the potential to significantly impact Australia's response to the HIV epidemic."

The Trump administration and Gilead have announce a program to make 2 million bottles of Truvada available to non-insured individuals every year for the next ten years with a goal of wiping out AIDS.

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