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Truvada Bone Lawsuit News

Lawsuits Against Gilead Sciences Pile Up As Truvada's Side Effects Are Brought To The Public's Attention | 10/18/2019

Thousands of individuals have experienced kidney damage and osteoporosis from Truvada's toxicity...READ MORE

Condoms Are More Effective Than Truvada In Preventing The Spread of HIV And Much Cheaper | 10/15/2019

Why are millions of dollars being spent to provide Truvada for free or nearly so when condoms are more effective in preventing the spread of disease and only cost pennies?...READ MORE

Descovy is FDA Approved And Ready to Replace Truvada In 2020 | 10/9/2019

If you thought that Gilead Sciences would reduce the cost of Descovy relative to Truvada you may be disappointed...READ MORE

Truvada Replacement PReP Drug Approved For Men but Not Women | 10/7/2019

Truvada replacement drug Descovy has received fast-track approval from the US Food and Drug Administration...READ MORE

Truvada Facts From the Center For Disease Control (CDC) | 10/3/2019

The more one knows about Truvada, the more informed a decision one can make...READ MORE

Gilead Disguises Corporate Greed As Charity | 10/1/2019

The Truvada giveaway program masks the fact that Gilead makes billions of dollars of profits every year selling HIV prevention drug Truvada...READ MORE

Truvada Lawsuits Are Moving Forward Against Gilead Sciences | 9/30/2019

The company may have failed to warn their patients of Truvada's serious adverse side effects...READ MORE

Truvada Side Effects May Not Stop At Osteoporosis and Kidney Failure | 9/25/2019

Single gay individuals will also receive Truvada for free and may be encouraged to participate in a greater number of and less safe sex practices...READ MORE

HIV Prevention Group Cites Moral Outrage That HIV Prevention Drug Truvada Is Being Kept From Those That Need The Drug | 9/23/2019

Gilead is making billions of dollars from the sale of Truvada every year while the infected HIV population is suffering and dying...READ MORE

A Focus On Gay Black And Latino Teenagers Is Needed To Stop The Spread Of HIV | 9/20/2019

Educational programs are needed to convince this demographic to take Truvada...READ MORE

Trump Is Using The AIDS Epidemic As Political Capital At Rallies Across America | 9/19/2019

It seems the Trump re-election campaign and Gilead Science profits will be the main beneficiaries of the Truvada giveaway program...READ MORE

Gilead Science's Monopoly In The HIV Prevention Market Is Being Challenged on Multiple Fronts | 9/13/2019

Truvada's $20,000 per year price tag is generating negative publicity from those unfortunate individuals that are uninsured and can not afford the drug...READ MORE

Truvada Patients Must Weigh The Drug's Serious Side Effects Before Deciding Whether or Not To Take It | 9/11/2019

Government and private health care workers that are eager to get Truvada into as many hands as possible may overlook the drugs potentially life-altering and even deadly side effects...READ MORE

Educate Teenagers About The Need To Take Truvada and Make the Drug Available To Them For Free | 9/6/2019

The most effective Truvada giveaway plan will direct the drug to the nation's high schools targeting gay black and Latino teenagers that need the drug the most...READ MORE

Gilead Sciences Earns Billions Every Year From The AIDS Epidemic | 9/2/2019

When does doing the right thing trump capitalism?...READ MORE

Gilead Sciences Offers Only Enough Free Truvada to Ensure The Disease is Never Brought Fully Under Control | 8/27/2019

Gilead may have alternative motives for offering the anti-HIV drug for free...READ MORE

Gilead May Not Exclusively Own Truvada's US Patent | 8/21/2019

Serious questions are being raised concerning whether or not Gilead Sciences ever applied for exclusivity for Truvada's patent and has in effect been illegally keeping generic competition from the market...READ MORE

HIV Patients Speak Out On Why Truvada is Still Unavailable To So Many | 8/19/2019

Both sides have opinions of why Gilead Sciences charges so much for Truvada...READ MORE

California To Make Truvada Available Without Doctor's Prescription | 8/16/2019

California has gotten out in front of the HIV prevention debate with legislation to offer the drug over the counter...READ MORE

Truvada May Lead To Risky Sexual Behavior | 8/12/2019

Wiping out HIV with Truvada may cause other diseases to greatly increase...READ MORE

The FDA All But Approves Descovy Which Will Replace Truvada | 8/9/2019

An FDA advisory panel has voted 16-2 to approve Truvada-replacement drug Descovy, and in effect extend Gilead's de facto price monopoly over the HIV drug market....READ MORE

Wiping Out HIV Sounds Great But There Are Many Hills to Climb to Get There | 8/6/2019

Making Truvada available for free in limited amounts will help but does not address the initiative's most pressing obstacles...READ MORE

Truvada HIV Giveaway Program Faces Psychological Stigma in Young At-Risk Adults | 7/31/2019

There are reasons why young adults ignore facts and engage in high-risk sexual behavior...READ MORE

The PrEP Access and Coverage Act Addresses The High Cost Of Truvada | 7/25/2019

It is the objective of the US to wipe out HIV by 2030 with the help of Truvada in spite of the drug causing osteoporosis, renal disease, and kidney failure...READ MORE

Should The Government Fund HIV Preventative Drugs | 7/22/2019

Truvada costs around $21000 US per year in the America yet New Zealanders get the drug almost free...READ MORE

The cost of free Truvada may be prohibitively expensive | 7/17/2019

Those that receive free Truvada and those covered by health insurance will be forced to participate in a $400 per month follow up medical program...READ MORE

A New HIV Drug Breakthrough May Challenge Gilead's Truvada Monopoly | 7/15/2019

Gilead's CEO O'Day is a supporter of the free market system but HIV drug Truvada could become its victim...READ MORE

Truvada Patients Risk Developing Osteoperosis | 7/8/2019

Many fear more needs to be known about Truvada's osteoporosis side effect before the drug is given away free to millions...READ MORE

FDA Cancels Risk Evaluation Management Program For HIV Prevention Medication | 7/5/2019

Truvada is now much easier to get heading into the government's national drug giveaway program...READ MORE

Trump/Gilead Truvada Giveaway Deal Comes Under Congressional Suspicion | 7/1/2019

Congress thinks there may have been an informal agreement between Gilead and the Trump administration that would ensure Gilead's profits for years to come...READ MORE

Getting Truvada to Those That Really Need It The Most | 6/28/2019

It is not just the poor and uninsured that do not have access to Truvada...READ MORE

Senator Harris Launches Truvada/HIV Plan | 6/24/2019

The Senator agrees with HIV activists that feel the Trump plan does not go far or fast enough to make a dent in the spread of HIV...READ MORE

The Fight Continues In Congress To Give Taxpayers Greater Access to Truvada | 6/19/2019

HIV experts think that only around 10% of those that need Truvada can actually afford it...READ MORE

Truvada Drug Giveaway May Be Off The Mark And Miss The Most Sexually-Active Group | 6/17/2019

One particular demographic of HIV positive individuals have escaped the recognition of the Center for Disease Control...READ MORE

Truvada's High Price Is Hampering Efforts to Get It To Those In Need | 6/14/2019

The same reasons that produced the drug in the first place could be responsible for extending the disease for decades more...READ MORE

HIV Prevention Drug To Be Gradually Given Away Free of Charge | 6/10/2019

Political squabbles in Congress, however, may delay or prevent lower income and uninsured from receiving the anti-HIV drug...READ MORE

The Trump Administration's Plan To End HIV By 2030 Includes Cooperation From Gilead Sciences | 6/6/2019

According to several recent articles in the New York Times, Truvada is a drug that could end HIV and questions why it hasn't...READ MORE

Truvada's Litany of Life-threatening Side Effects | 6/3/2019

Drugs that are effective in preventing the spread of HIV may have side effects that users have a right to be made aware of...READ MORE

Taking Unlimited Drug Development Risks Could Lead to Unlimited Truvada Profits | 5/31/2019

Pharmaceutical companies argue that without the incentive of unlimited windfall profits, no company would be willing to accept the risk involved in drug development...READ MORE

US Congresswoman Challenges Truvada Patent | 5/24/2019

Gilead Sciences maker of Truvada anti-HIV treatment, are charging HIV patients $2000 per month in the United States...READ MORE

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