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Gudeman Group Provides Marketing and Lead Generation Services for Attorneys Specifically Focused on Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and other Healthcare-Related Mass Tort Litigation

Mass Tort Marketing
Is your client acquisition strategy effective? Cost Effective?

Mass Tort Marketing is the attorney marketing arm of Gudeman Group, a full service web and application development firm that has been providing the most advanced digital marketing solutions available since 1999.

Our attorney marketing services cover the entire spectrum, across all platforms and channels. By approaching each client as a unique firm, capitalizing on its strengths and minimizing exposure to their weaknesses, we create bespoke marketing solutions for each and every client. Such custom tailored marketing solutions deliver the prospects you need to grow your practice and achieve the depth of clientele in the litigation you desire at the optimal balance of targeted growth and expenditure efficiency.

How Mass Tort Marketing Works

We deal with law firms employing a number of strategies for growing, or even starting, a mass tort practice. There are law firms that want to be on the forefront of mass tort litigation, when there is virtually no competition for leads, but also very little consumer awareness. Being such a pioneer does carry a degree of risk, but unquestionably provides the greatest rewards in terms of maximizing your client acquisition and minimizing the costs for doing so. Furthermore, such a long-term strategy can result in a long both organic search dominance throughout the course of the marketing campaign as well as much lower pay-per-click costs. On the other end of the spectrum are attorneys seeking to get into a MDL just months before a settlement is reached, when leads are least plentiful - making them more expensive - and perhaps worse, of the lowest quality - making them more expensive to work and often over-utilizing human resources. However, the client acquisition costs will also be carried the least amount of time and the risk of the litigation being unsuccessful is mitigated. And there are numerous strategies in between.

Whether you desire a long-term relationship encompassing all of our attorney marketing services, or just need X amount of mass tort leads for Y litigation in Z days, we have your solution.

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